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The K-12 Internet Resource Center indexes over 2,000 resource links for the K-12 education community.
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Find support
Keeping your lesson plans relevant and engaging -- while meeting state & federal standards -- can be a challenge. Getting support from other teachers can help.

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Lesson Plans & Standards
Looking for lesson plans? New ideas? Information on Common Core State Standards? This is the place.

one kid taunting another
Bullying in school has become a national cause. New resources for tackling this problem are online. Students and teachers can partner to reduce such discrimination.

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Experts & mentors
Get help from the experts on a wide variety of subjects. Find a mentor for yourself or your students. Involve your community.

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Preparing for the future
Science & technology instruction gains more importance every year. Find the resources you need to keep your classroom up-to-date. Explore links between science and literature. Sometimes the hands on approach is best.

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Special students
Reach out to particular student groups.

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Adding the arts to the classroom
Instruction includes the arts as well as science! Learn how to use media tools and how to integrate subjects like patterns & art, and art & nature.

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Technology help
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use the Internet. Check out our extensive Internet resources area and collaboration ideas.

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Having fun
Many resources are available for students, from "safe" search sites to publishing opportunities to The Yuckiest Site on the Internet. The Internet offers sites on everything from insects to marine life to animal sounds.

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Learn about your world
Use pictures and eyewitness accounts to make history come alive. Historical quests let you see history thru the eyes of those who made it.

Environmental simulations and Comprehensive Collections can be used to engage students in the environment.

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Outside the classroom
Explore the many virtual field trips available on the Internet. Go view a museum exhibit or check out the weather on the other side of the world. You can find images on the Internet to introduce almost any topic, including Earth Sciences and Geography.

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