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We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can contact us using the addresses listed here.

If you have problems with a specific page, it's best to use the Suggest / Comment  button at the bottom of that page.

Dr. Bonnie Tenenbaum - Librarian

Dr. Bonnie Tenenbaum is responsible for the content of the site. If you'd like to see additions or have comments about the content of the site, Bonnie is the person to contact.

Chris Daley - Webmaster

Chris Daley from Lodestone Systems is our webmaster, responsible for the technical end of, as well as adding and maintaining the site content. Contact Chris if you are having problems accessing the site, viewing specific pages, etc.

Our Mailing Address
c/o Lodestone Systems
3038 N. 34th St. #3
Phoenix, AZ 85018-6905

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