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Spring 2019 Newsletter

We publish a quarterly Newsletter via e-mail. The newsletter highlights new and expanded areas of the site and keep you posted on new developments.

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Spring 2019 Newsletter – Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.


Backyard Adventures

Spring has arrived and the students want to get outside. Check out a wide range of backyard science experiments that can be purposed for classroom use.  learn more...

image showing basketball trajectory from thrower to basket

Mathematics in the Real World

Here's the answer to that never ending question, when are we going to use this in the real world? We index resources like using video to present real life scenarios, Math In Daily Life, and fun spoofs like If High School Math Was Real.  learn more...

3D Printing Primer

There has always been a lot of interest in 3D printing at education conferences – and you can now get a great 3D printer for $225. We've reorganized our 3D Printing Primer section, adding new topics like tuning or "dialing in" your printer. If you have a 3D printer or would like to get one, our 3D Printing Primer will help.  learn more...

Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright issues arise frequently when you or your students conduct research, incorporate someone else's documents (including pictures), or publish on the Internet. We've assembled resources, including a fun video from YouTube, that can help you and your students stay legal.  learn more...

Student Subgroup Resources

Not all your students are the same. We have resources on everything from Autism to HIV and index topics from ESL to gifted and minority students.  learn more...

Edith Lee-Payne at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Audio/Video Primary Sources

Nothing speaks to students like original audio and video recordings. There are literally thousands of historical video and audio resources available to energize your lesson plans.  learn more...

We enjoyed seeing everyone in Charlotte and San Antonio, and are working thru all your resource ideas. Look for us at CUE Palm Springs in mid-March.

For those who asked about our new 3D printer at San Antonio, we are now using the Ender 3 printer from Creality.  learn more...

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

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