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Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Spring 2020 Newsletter – Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.


Back on February 26, we added a resource page to help teachers and administrators get a handle on COVID-19. Seven weeks later, schools for 90% of students worldwide were closed.

You are not alone in your confusion and frustration. You miss your students and want to do the best you can for them. Here are resources that can help.

Distance Learning Resources

Teachers have had to adopt to new and unfamiliar ways of interacting with students while everyone shelters-in-place. We've assembled ideas and best practices that can help ease the transition.  learn more...

confused teacher trying to sort out network cables

Ad Blocking, Password Managers and More

Ads popping up on web sites or YouTube are annoying and distracting. Trying to keep track of your new passwords can be a nightmare. Here are free browser plugins and explainers to make life easier.  learn more...

WebQuests And Scavenger Hunts

Tired of workbooks and lesson packets? So are your students. Have them stretch their legs (so to speak) by exploring the Internet in search of facts and information.  learn more...

boy in front of laptop with city skyline in the background

Electronic Field Trips

Just because your students are stuck at home, it doesn't mean they can't go visit places. Check out field trip ideas, museums and more that your students can visit online.  learn more...

Evaluating the Quality of Information

It's imperative, especially these days, that everyone have the tools to evaluate and identify good and bad information. Here are resources and challenges to equip students to become astute consumers of information.  learn more...

Family Resources

Being a parent is hard even under normal circumstances. We've indexed everything from backyard adventures and indoor projects to kids & hospitals and support resources.  learn more...

COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources

We continue to update our original COVID-19 resource page as things progress. Recent updates have included ways to use the current outbreak as a learning opportunity (from the Exploratorium) and details on the changes that will probably be needed before schools reopen this fall.  learn more...

Think of this as a marathon, not a sprint. Hang in there!

Have a resource we should know about? Please let us know.

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

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