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Fall 2019 Newsletter

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Fall 2019 Newsletter – Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.


3D Printing And The Arts

Wondering what to do with your school 3D printer? How about things like desk top mobiles, extruded drawings, Lithophanes or Escher Lizards.  learn more...

stand up 3D smiley face sculpture

STEM Projects

Looking for low cost and engaging STEM projects? We have project ideas for everything from oil spills and crash test cars to clay boats.  learn more...

Eyewitness Accounts

Hard to believe, but for students and many (most?) teachers, the moon landings are just a part of history. Eyewitness accounts and period pictures can make your history lessons come alive. Learn about the moon landings, moving to America, 9-11 and the Underground Railroad from people who were there.  learn more...

Buzz Aldrin taking about the first moon landing

ESL Resources

Finding resources for linguistically diverse classrooms can be difficult. In many school districts, 25+ different languages or dialects is the norm. We index a wide range of resources for both students and teachers.  learn more...

Acceptable Use Policies

BOYD (Bring Your Own Device), 1:1, emailed viruses, limited bandwidth, harassment, questionable web sites – every school needs a up-to-date Acceptable Use Policy statement. A well written policy statement makes a great teaching tool.  learn more...

Related Topics ...

When looking for that perfect resource on K12IRC, make sure to check out the Related Topics links. We have over 300 resource pages indexing over 2,300 resources. Many times, the resource you're looking for is available on a related page.

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

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