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Fall 2018 Newsletter

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Fall 2018 Newsletter – Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.



Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans. Yet the emphases these days seems like "teaching to the test". Imagination is a lost art.

Sketchnoting, or graphical note taking, can encourage students to make connections in a way that works for them, and allows them to be engaged, imaginatively and creatively, while comprehending the subjects at hand.  learn how...

Sketchnoting is doodler friendly and word-lover friendly and everyone in between.

Lesson Plans

You'll find links to lesson plans throughout In addition, we've assembled some of the best collections of lesson plans available.  learn more...

Consumer Math

Consumer math looks at how math is used daily life. Most of the activities we do, from budgeting to meal planning to student loans to insurance require some level of math. Here are resources for both younger and older students.  learn more...

Family Resources

Education is a partnership between teachers, students and parents ... and sometimes parents need support. In this section, we've indexed everything from Family Activities to Parent/Teen Homework Conflicts and Kids in Hospitals to an Incarceration Tool Kit.  learn more...

Robots For All Ages

Robots can range from incredibly simple to incredibly complex. No matter what the grade or budget, robots can get students engaged.  learn more...

Cardboard robot arm holding a Pepsi can


We had fun meeting everyone at the STEM Forum & Expo in Philadelphia. Look for our booth at NSTA Reno in October and CUE Palm Springs in March.

We publish a quarterly Newsletter via e-mail. The newsletter highlights new and expanded areas of the site and keep you posted on new developments.

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two students pointing at computer screen display

Microsoft Office Alternatives

There are now good, no cost on-line and off-line alternatives to the cost and licensing issues of Microsoft Office.  → 

female student operating video camera

School Video Production

We have a whole section on how to get started and incorporate it into the classroom.

With the advent of inexpensive production tools and free video hosting like YouTube, the idea of the school film has been turned on its head.  → 

happy people gathered around a laptop

Teacher Support

Find an affinity group or a good laugh.  → 

teacher working with 3D printers


Everything from classroom automation and making a class web site for free to creating videos and 3D printing.  → 

older gentleman and student looking at a book


Develop partnerships and engage your students, their parents, and the community.  → 

kids looking at a computer screen

Classroom Resources

Find a lesson idea, video or activity for your classroom.  → 

older students from many different races and cultures

Professional Development

Check out the wide variety of professional development opportunities and resources.  → 

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

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