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Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Minority Students

Especially with the events of the last few weeks, the needs and indeed safety of minority students have come into sharp focus. Many teachers are uncomfortable addressing the subject or do not feel they have the cultural competency to speak to the issues. We've assembled a resource page that can help, part of our Student Subgroups resources.  learn more...

Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet

With the reliance of students, teachers, business people – well, everyone – on the Internet and its resources, it's imperative that everyone has the tools needed to evaluate and identify good and bad sites.  learn more...

Ad Blocking, YouTube and Other Safety Add-Ons

The good news is that the Internet has brought the world to our classroom and laptops. The bad news is that a lot of what comes thru is annoying or unsafe. Ad blocking add-ons for your browser block annoying ads, even on YouTube! Blocking ads will prevent many virus infections.  learn more...

Robots For All Ages

Robots can range from incredibly simple to incredibly complex. No matter what the grade, robots get students engaged. And the cost can be as small as some cardboard, string and straws.  learn more...

New Videos

Here are some recent video resource additions.

We Need Your Help

2017 Solar Eclipse

Let us know if you or your students have a write up or blog post on the 2017 solar eclipse. We would like to assemble a page highlighting educator and student experiences. Send your web links to

Educator Conferences

We would like to get the word out on the K-12 Internet Resource Center. If you know of a local or regional conference where we can attend or provide flyers, please let us know at

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female student operating video camera

School Video Production

We have a whole section on how to get started and incorporate it into the classroom.

With the advent of inexpensive production tools and free video hosting like YouTube, the idea of the school film has been turned on its head.  → 

boy in front of laptop with city skyline in the background

Diverse On-Line Exhibits

When you can not go to the exhibit, let the exhibit come to you. Free field trips available for the arts, science, paleontology, biology, history and more.  → 

older students from many different races and cultures

Professional Development

Check out the wide variety of professional development opportunities and resources.  → 

kids looking at a computer screen

Classroom Resources

Find a lesson idea, video or activity for your classroom.  → 

older gentleman and student looking at a book


Develop partnerships and engage your students, their parents, and the community.  → 

teacher working with 3D printers


Everything from classroom automation and making a class web site for free to creating videos and 3D printing.  → 

happy people gathered around a laptop

Teacher Support

Find an affinity group or a good laugh.  → 

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

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