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Fall 2008 Newsletter

Please Participate In Our Survey

We are starting the new school year with a request for all our patrons and visitors to fill out our Fall 2008 Survey at survey link.

With this survey, we are attempting to identify identify current issues in education and how can better meet those needs. The survey will run until the middle of November. At that time, we will be closing the survey and posing the results.

Dearth Of New Internet Sites

We have noticed a trend in the last few years. Fewer and fewer new educational web sites are coming on line. And many existing K-12 web sites are disappearing.

A prime example is an K-12 teacher who posts an excellent page or site on a subject of interest. A few years later, they move on to another school district or retire, and their "personal" web pages are deleted from the school's web server. The community has lost including many excellent exemplars and lesson plans because of this problem.

Please make sure that your web content is available on a server that will not "go away". Many options are available, including free web hosting -- content hosting offer link

We at are also looking at the possibility of providing hosting and a home for web pages and sites of interest to the K-12 educational community.

Let us know what you think by e-mailing

RSS Feeds Now Available

Many news-related sites and blogs provide RSS feeds, and now so does RSS feeds allow you to monitor the latest news and updates.

The RSS page lists the RSS feeds available at It also gives details as to how RSS feeds work and how you can monitor them with software you probably already have.

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for your continuing support of the K-12 Internet Resource Center -- -- and requesting to be on the newsletter mailing list.

With the start of the new school year, we are looking to better serve the K-12 educational community. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

We publish a quarterly Newsletter via e-mail. The newsletter highlights new and expanded areas of the site and keep you posted on new developments.

If you would like to keep up with our latest developments, subscribe today

two students pointing at computer screen display

Microsoft Office Alternatives

There are now good, no cost on-line and off-line alternatives to the cost and licensing issues of Microsoft Office.  → 

woman pilot in jet aircraft cockpit

Great Women Role Models

The best way to teach is thru examples. The earlier young women are encouraged that they too can make a difference, the better their chances for success.  → 

happy people gathered around a laptop

Teacher Support

Find an affinity group or a good laugh.  → 

teacher working with 3D printers


Everything from classroom automation and making a class web site for free to creating videos and 3D printing.  → 

older students from many different races and cultures

Professional Development

Check out the wide variety of professional development opportunities and resources.  → 

older gentleman and student looking at a book


Develop partnerships and engage your students, their parents, and the community.  → 

kids looking at a computer screen

Classroom Resources

Find a lesson idea, video or activity for your classroom.  → 

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