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Summer 2016 Newsletter

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

Summer 2016 Newsletter

The Drones Are Coming

While drones or quadcopters may not be part of your curriculum this school year, they are coming. Teachers are already using them in STEM education and to interest girls in technology. learn more...

Democracy in America

Election season is upon us. Think of it as a teachable moment for subjects as diverse as science and math. Could you pass the U.S. Citizenship test? The Current Issues for the Classroom resource is especially timely. learn more...

English As A Second Language Certification

In many areas of the United States, particularly in the southern and western portions of the country, a growing number of K-12 teachers are becoming English as a Second Language (ESL) certified. We have an extensive set of guides and resources. learn more...

Assistive Technology

There is a wide range of assistive devices and technologies used in schools. Here's a look at the range of items, how they are funded, and a teacher's perspective. learn more...

Backyard Adventures

The good news is that Summer is not over yet. We've gathered some fun things you can do with kids in your own backyard. Everything from making bouncy balls and rainbows to hosting a backyard science lab. learn more...

New Videos

We are always adding new video resources to the site. Recent additions include

Enjoy the rest of your Summer vacation!

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happy people gathered around a laptop

Minority Students

With the events of the last few years, the needs and safety of minority students have come into sharp focus. Many teachers are uncomfortable addressing these subjects or do not feel they have the cultural competency to speak to the issues. Here are some resources that can help.

boy in backyard looking at glass jar science experiment

Backyard Adventures

You can do a lot of science in your backyard ... or school playground.

older students from many different races and cultures


Check out the wide variety of professional development opportunities and resources.

teacher working with 3D printers


Everything from classroom automation and making a class web site to creating videos and 3D printing.

kids looking at a computer screen


Find a lesson idea, video or activity for your classroom.

happy people gathered around a laptop


Find an affinity group or a good laugh.

older gentleman and student looking at a book


Develop partnerships and engage your students, their parents, and the community.

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

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