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Winter 2019 Newsletter

We publish a quarterly Newsletter via e-mail. The newsletter highlights new and expanded areas of the site and keep you posted on new developments.

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Winter 2019 Newsletter – Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.


STEM Primer

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is getting a lot of attention. But there are many barriers, including how to implement it, identifying what works, and dealing with new roles that cross traditional department boundaries.

We've assembled a STEM primer, resource list, and a range of project ideas that can bring STEM to your school and classroom.  learn more...

kids around a microscope

Thoughts on Educational Reform

Everyone has ideas on how to improve education. We've complied some interesting videos and posts on how things can be improved, without spending a lot of money.  learn more...

Interdisciplinary Studies

One of the best ways to engage students is to combine subjects and shake things up. Here's an example class assignment...

Build a simple robot, maybe using nothing more than construction paper. Then explain what it would do and how strong it would need to be. Show on the map where the robot would be working. Write a story involving the robot.

We've compiled a wide variety of ideas for interdisciplinary projects for use in your classroom.  learn more...

Geography, Maps & GPS

How do you know where you are? You pull out your cell phone and check the map. But how does your cell phone know? We look at how GPS works, how geography relates to history, and a variety of other map resources.  learn more...

civilizations circa 528 CE

Take A Break

Education is usually a pretty serious business. And sometimes you just have to take a break.

Check out these fun videos and posts looking at everything from the best April Fools prank and Kid President's pep talk to funny educational cartoons & photos.  learn more...

Look for us at NSTA Charlotte the end of this month and at CUE Palm Sprints in March. We enjoy meeting everyone and getting new resource ideas.

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Ideas and inspiration for the K-12 community.

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