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Recent Changes

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October, 2015

We have completed this latest version of the K-12 Instructional Resource Center.

As you can tell, we've made a few changes...

Site Organization

The contents of the site and the major areas of the site have been completely re-organized with an eye towards showing the breadth of the site and making navigation easier.

If you have web links to our site from your web site, Facebook page or blog, please check them and update the links as needed.

Patrons and The Newsletters

We have replaced Patrons, where you had to sign in, with a simpler newsletter subscription system.

If you have signed up as a Patron of this site, no action is needed. If you are not sure, go ahead and join our newsletter list again.

If you would like to receive our newsletter, or be removed from the newsletter mailing list, follow the directions in Join Our Newsletter List.

We hope you like the changes. Click the Your Feedback link and let us know how we did.

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