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Exploratorium Newsletter Items - Part 2

  • Museums

    If you cannot visit the Exploratorium in person, browse its online exhibits via the Diverse Exhibits. Stop by other high quality virtual museums, such as Chicago's Field Museum's display of Sue the T-Rex; first, the viewer is "shrunk" to a size scale appropriate for viewing the dinosaur and its environs. Another virtual exhibit of those pesky microbes can be seen at Michigan's Tech Labs. Your students will glean some dazzling ideas for creating their OWN virtual museum.
  • Family Learning Communities

    Strengthen family learning communities in the K12 Instructional Media Center. At the Exploratorium a special section with challenging experiments, science backgrounders, and other resources can be enjoyed by the whole family at Interactive Sites for Parents and Kids. Send periodic updates home with your students with online opportunities. No Child Left Behind and No Family Left Behind, either!
  • Astrobiology

    NASA has dedicated extraordinary resources about space exploration to kids. Experiments in microgravity, a subspeciality of astrobiology, identify the impact of living in space on the human body. A combination of remote-sensing technology and sophisticated virtual microscopes when applied to the search for the origins of life -- place "astrobiology" in the search field at the Exploratorium's site -- offers still another exciting glimpse into online worlds.

These short articles appeared in an Exploratorium on-line newsletter (dates unknown).

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