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S.T.E.P.'s for Spring

Establish your professional leadership!

Step 10. Keep your ties with the School of Education at Stanford. .
Refresh your ideas, skills and careers -- and greet old friends.
Step 11. Join a professional development association in your subject specialty.
Keep your school administration up-to-date. Visit the information kiosk often.
Step 12. Facilitate online school-wide projects like a Virtual Museum or Online Newspaper for your students.
Some students might even be interested in a short course online, if it is not available at your school.

Step 13. Enhance your student's project work with art, music and theater.

Step 14. Develop your own cadre of advisors for special expertise and assessment -- an OERL.

Step 15. Support your school community in after school learning centers and with supplemental grants.

Step 16. Keep the dream that LEARNING IS A NEVER-ENDING ADVENTURE!

  • Visit museums like the Exploratorium,
  • View the lights of our globe from outer space,
  • Resolve the battle about the global economy,
  • Look deep into nanoworlds, oceans, and earthquakes, and
  • Listen to the music of Woodie Guthrie at the Library of Congress.

This page was created to support Stanford University's Teacher Initiative: S.T.E.P. (Stanford Teacher Education Program).

The original page had links to other parts of this resource center.

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