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Welcome To An Instructional Resource Center for the 21st Century!

This is a description of the K-12 Internet Resource Center, outlining the contents of each section, from the early 2000's.

As you can see, the organization and artwork of the site has changed since then.

Alice sitting behind a blue information desk with a bulletin board behind her.
The original site had a much different look.

the original Virtual Public Library Instructional Media Center logo
an early portal to the web site

Over 2,200 carefully selected and annotated links will propel you into the center of education and professional development resources on the Internet. Like an Resource Center in the real world, you will find...

  • tools for planning, using and managing your own environment,
  • a solid foundation for supporting standards and assessment practices,
  • classroom projects, lessons, units, field trips, extended studies, international databases in almost any subject and across subjects,
  • references and contests for students,
  • multimedia creation and samples,
  • professional development and publishing opportunities,
  • tips for school, family and community partnerships, public groups and private industry, and
  • space to conference with colleagues

Alice K12IRC site logo

In the K-12 Internet Resource Center (K12IRC) the areas, sections and entries are chock full of the best-of-breed for designing, implementing and refreshing electronic learning communities.

If you have a particular topic in mind, use Search to quickly locate resources. The Advanced Search option can help focus in on the resources you seek.

From any page, check the The Resource Center Directory and the You are here sections in the top left corner. As you mouse over the different headings, additional options pop up, allowing you to identify the resources you seek.

Click on the area icons below to view the area's sections and entries. Check the "What's New" item along the side of any page for the latest updates and additions to

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composition book

Lesson Plans & Standards looks at the new Common Core State Standards, lesson plans, assessment & evaluation tools, and curriculum support. This can be a good first stop when you're faced with "where do I begin?".

treasure chest

Curriculum Resource Treasures indexes resources by subject area, and looks at only-with-the-Internet resources like virtual field trips and international collaboration projects.

person looking at kiosk

Professional Development provides a wide rage of resources and support for educators. How to deal with controversial subjects, school reform, current issues in education, ESL and special student resources, and on-line libraries are just some of the topics covered in this area.

newsprint going thru a printing press

Publishing & Getting Noticed looks at tools & resources to get your work "out there". There are sections on everything from "traditional" desktop publishing tools to on-line publication options and even a section on how to "go viral".

animated multi-media sign

Media Creation looks at the different types of media currently in use -- Internet videos, MP3's, podcasts and more -- and look at how you can create and distribute them with low or no-cost tools. We also cover how media can be integrated into the classroom, the art and science connections, and how modern simulation programs can enhance learning and retain student attention.

cabnet, laptop & satellite dish

Computers & The Internet provides resources on everything from how to publish web pages to hosting web sites, policies & planning, integrating computers into the classroom, using Linux, and on-line conferencing. There is a special emphases on free and low cost tools and options to make your budgets stretch farther.

purple backpack

Student Stuff provides resources aimed specifically at students. Everything from student friendly search sites and reference material to places to publish student work to dealing with bullies.

large apple behind homes

School-Home Partnering provides extensive resources for parents to work with and support their children and their children's schools. For educators, these resources can help deal with specific issues and can be used to encourage parents to be involved.

planet earth behind very large apple

School-Community Partnering looks at community development resources and ideas, grants & awards that may be available to your classroom, and case studies on how others have "gotten it done".

letter i within circle

Information Desk includes information on how came to be and indexes to the web site. Newsletters, surveys and talks are archived here.

Interesting Facts...

  • The initial, seed collection focused on broad-based, multi-disciplinary Environmental Studies.
  • The sampling was culled from diverse agencies and information channels and includes materials for students of all ages and capabilities.
  • Each entry is accompanied by descriptions and annotations.
  • Valuable offline and software references are cited, too.

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