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Integrating Technology into Your School's Curriculum

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Classroom Technology News

Classroom Technology News (a.k.a, Tech & Learning) is a great resource for education technology professionals responsible for implementing and purchasing technology products in K-12 districts and schools.

They provide an inside look at issues, trends, products, and strategies applicable to educators at all levels.

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American Library Association: Digital Inclusion Survey

Libraries have constantly evolved in tandem with advances in technology. Just as libraries offered word processing software before personal computers were commonplace in homes and offered students their first chance to try the Internet, public libraries now enable patrons to explore e-readers, tablets and maker spaces.

The ALA convened a diverse collection of digital inclusion advocates to explore the ways in which libraries are leading the way in building digitally inclusive communities that support individual opportunity and community progress. "Today libraries are less about what we have than what we can do with and for our patrons."

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Tales from the Electronic Frontier

Tales From The Electronic Frontier presents first-hand experiences of teachers and students back in the 1990's using the Internet in K-12 math and science. It includes articles on getting the right hardware, choosing an Internet service provider, designing an online project, and fostering acceptable use.

While the technology is, in theory, much more accessible today, the themes of designing projects and integrating technology into the classroom are timeless.

These resources can help with technology integration, but your school needs to invest in professional development and planning time if the expected benefits will override the costs.

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