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Cable in the Classroom is an umbrella organization for the cable industry. It displays curriculum connections for all of the major channels.

CNN emphasizes current events with links to relevant background. An extensive video and audio archive and some interactive activities can be found under CNN's Multimedia section header. They publish sites in other languages (Spanish, Italian, etc.), giving language students a place to test their skills and stay informed. At Literacy net is a collection of online, interactive lessons using CNN stories.

C-Span provides a wealth of resources, including unrestricted taping and viewing rights on C-Span produced programming for use in the classroom, lesson plans & teaching ideas, and an extensive archive. A must for American history teachers!

The Discovery channel provides a special area on their web site for schools and teachers, where you can find lesson plans, science fair ideas, a great puzzlemaker, and more. Discovery also provides a series of Guides to topics like Expedition Adventures and Extreme Weather.

The History Channel provides access to primary source documents, such as speeches and maps.

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Of course, if your school possesses television technology, that is far less expensive than computers--at the moment. On the other hand, some hyperlinks are provided on these Web sites so your students could jump to related sites.

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