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Technology Planning: Regional, State and Local Collections

Almost all of the DOE regional labs receive funding to assist LEA's with technology planning. The MCREL site is linked to the Eisenhower projects. Following links at MCREL also leads to a bank of standards with connections to Internet sites. Clicking on Connect at MCREL will lead you to a new collection of studies and concept papers about the impact of technology upon student learning. The report presents both enhancements and no change outcomes. Most of the contents reflect the early 90s or prior research with one notable exception (Kozma&Quellmalz) so we suggest skimming these resources.

Edvantia can help you integrate technology within your classroom.

The U.S. Office of Education, like businesses who must project the cost of technologies, has developed a tool for schools' cost management.

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Tailoring technology plans to local needs has proven to be an effective approach for garnering community support. Remember support should be established before the item is agendized for policy approval at school board meetings and the vote called. And let the regional labs help you!

The scenarios in the California Guide are cast so that all school personnel can imagine themselves online, another crucial dimension for building support. It also gives a strong argument for going for state- of-the-art technology rather than retrofitting old stuff. The SmartValley Guide also pushes the envelope with its sections on hypermedia.

The above sites, dedicated to concept papers, should not be overlooked. Sometimes in the rush to get online we do not take a step back to understand the long-range educational implications. Then, when asked probing questions from policy-makers, we are ill-equipped to answer.

Note: MCREL and NCREL are two different regional labs.

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