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Collaboration Within Small Student Groups

Teaching Students to Work Together

Integrated curricula, team teaching, and technology tools have built up the academic achievement and self-esteem of these rural Louisiana middle school students. An interesting video on showing students the benefit of working together.

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Cooperative and Collaborative Learning

This in-depth web site from WNET looks at cooperative and collaborative learning, how it differs from the traditional approach, it's benefits, and integrating it with other educational techniques

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Facilitating Group Collaboration

This post from the San Francisco Unified School Districtlooks at a number of questions surrounding Group Collaboration.

  • Why bother with groupwork?
  • Is groupwork good for learning?
  • Characteristics of effective groups.
  • Deciding on group size.
  • Tools for enabling group collaboration.

Then end of the article looks at the use of peer evaluation as a way to minimize social loafing behavior and finds it can actually be counterproductive. Alternatives are presented, including an option in selected cases for teams to "fire" members – just like real life.

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Collaborative Learning How To

Similar to the idea that two or three heads are better than one, educational researchers have found that through peer instruction, students teach each other by addressing misunderstandings and clarifying misconceptions. This guide from Cornell University explains why you would use collaborative learning, a list of things to consider, and steps for how to get started.

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Benefits of Collaboration

Collaboration is not just for students. This article looks at the benefits of collaboration for teachers as well as students. For example, working with a small group of trusted teachers gave the author the opportunity to turn what they thought was a silly idea at the time into a unique and creative lesson plan.

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