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MSU, sponsored in part by Ameritech, has created an online learning environment called LETSNet. It supports a variety of understandings about using online resources.

For example, conceptually 10 Big Ideas demonstrate a link between classroom practice offline and Internet use. These Ideas are electronic field trips, teamwork, global connection, research, visualization, publishing, home and community, individualizing, professional growth and kids' corner. Each idea contains a concept paper, case studies from classroom teachers and units for K-12 grade level divisions.

Tips explore linkages with standards and links to other sources. Discussion areas are included also. Thus, LETSNet satisfies not only immediate classroom needs and illustrates the integration of offline and online activities but is flexible for the user within a conceptual framework.

Professional growth provides one of the clearest explanations of using Netscape plug-ins and Research succinctly illustrates navigating the Internet. The Ideas for individualizing and home and community need some refinement.

Nortel LearniT's goal is similar: develop 21st century communications. Helpful for both teachers and students.

All in all, these sites are highly recommended as an exemplar of teacher training in the real and virtual world.

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