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Teacher "Self Help"

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Frank Potter's Science Gems

Frank Potter's Science Gems is a collection of "gems" that could be used to introduce beginning teachers or teachers new to technology to the Web.

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Jan Flake's Virtual Learning Center

Jan Flake has built a sample virtual learning center with links to model environments, school improvement, power learning (critical thinking etc.), community collaboration sites, curriculum resources, technology education, construction shop (links to learning HTML), and a vision.

Her approach to pedagogy is that creating a vision (goals and belief systems) are vital for switching to a new learning model, especially for beginning teachers.

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International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement

IEA conducts large-scale comparative studies of educational achievement and other aspects of education, with the aim of gaining in-depth understanding of the effects of policies and practices within and across systems of education.

Their focus is on the global implications of digital technology.

Don't be afraid to add your own expertise to the Web's base of knowledge.

Many times, teachers "in the field" have a unique perspective on education that others will appreciate.

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