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TGSLC, on the other hand, is focused towards planning--careers and preparing for the job search, such as writing resumes. One of the best components of this site is the comprehensive information on financial aid for college. Other sites offer similar information but not always in the context of career planning.

Florida maintains a clearinghouse for School-To-Work resources, including a mailing list, job requirements, and grants. It is a good model for other states, especially since most pertinent networks match state boundaries.

New England Literacy Resource Center is an example of a state-wide network. Your state may have launched its own system.

The Department of Education has compiled a comprehensive list of sources for Student Financial Aid. Definitely refer your juniors and seniors to this listing.

What Kids Can Do illustrates community-based initiatives, organized by youth leaders, to grow their communities along many productive dimensions. Exemplars and testimonials will inspire youth towards opportunities, heretofore unknown to them--options and alternatives, these are the tickets.

FastWeb focuses on college scholarships and college/applicant matches.

Peterson's is another post-secondary educational site. The search engine makes it easier to match students with good colleges, just for them. Also, visitors will find much information on all the standardized test batteries.

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Folks don't need to waste time spinning wheels or reinventing the wheel itself (to indulge in cliches) while upgrading their careers -- thanks to telecommunications.

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