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National Initiatives: School Exemplars

The Kent School District maintains a Web site for schools, parents, students, professional constituencies (both in and outside of education), and the community-at-large whose sole purpose is the improvement of education. Teachers are assigned ID's and maintain their class registers through this site. The curriculum is articulated at the district hub. Student projects are showcased online. This site is a finalist in the Global Information Infrastructure exhibit, because telecommunications are integrated at all fractures to improve schools. Take a look!

The Community Discovered is a five-year project that links technology and the arts with other subject areas to transform the education of K-12 students. The focus of this project is to develop constructivist curriculum models of engaged student learning using technology and the resources of the Internet. Conducted by Westside Community Schools in Omaha, Nebraska, The Community Discovered project builds upon and extends the impact of the Art and Technology Integration (ATI) Project, conducted by Westside and the Grand Island Public Schools.

The History Lab by Angela Cummingham focuses on US history. The link for Digital Toolbox offers an extensive list of social media.

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The History Lab

Uniquely, the history lab includes links for social networking media.

The amazing diversity among the latest crop of community networks is bound to give you ideas for your own community. You will glean many possibilities for your own community by tapping these resources. The development of communities, then, is partially dependent upon the "load" and interactivity. You will find just the rightsized community for your goals.

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