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College & Career Planning

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I Have No Idea What to Do

You've graduated high school ... and now what? This article looks at some options when you really don't know what to do next.

Options include...

  • Apply to college and see what happens
  • Take a year off
  • Get a job in a field of interest
  • Travel or a Road Trip
  • Talk with people who have different types of careers
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What Should You Do After High School?

This article looks at the various options available, looking at both the good and the bad.

The options include...

  • Post-Secondary School
  • Trade School
  • Public Service Work
  • Military Life
  • Straight to Work
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Teen College and Career Planning

Activities and Timelines for College and Career Planning provides a list of links and activities teens can do to help them find out their career interests, timelines for college planning and a checklist of important dates in the college application process. A great resource for parents, too.

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A List of Different Careers

Well, what are my options?

This list of jobs and careers is one of the best and most comprehensive we've seen. It looks at at everything from Surveyor and Video Technician to Fish Hatchery Manager and Sewing Machine Operator.

No matter who you are, there's probably at least 2 or 3 options in this list that will interest you.

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The Best Scholarship Search Platforms

This post from looks at the major challenges students face when searching for scholarships, what students should know before applying for a scholarship, advice on early preparation to qualify for scholarships, and tips when applying.

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COLLEGEdata Scholarship Locator

COLLEGEdata offers a wide range of tools for college bound students, including a comprehensive list of scholarships based on ethnicity, gender, major, GPA, location and/or area of study. Worth checking out.

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