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Catalog of School Reform Models (K-12)

The Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory works closely with schools, districts, and other agencies to develop creative and practical solutions to important educational challenges.

The Center has gathered the best "how to" information for schools planning, implementing, or sustaining whole-school reform. These resources offer practical advice and templates, as well as data collection instruments, surveys and other program evaluation tools.

Turning Around Low-Performing Schools, published by the DOEducation, identifies strategies irregardless of the reform model adopted.

The School Redesign Net at Stanford culls best practices for small school initiatives which range from curriculum to budgeting. Topics include essential conditions, budgeting and staffing, relationship-building, assessment, adaptive pedagogy, multicultural and anti-racist teaching, collaborative planning, family and community connections. The Website contains school profiles and research/field reports. No need to re-invent the wheel--just keeping our shoulders to it.

MCREL has a school change toolkit which an emphasis on linking student learning to reform.

ALPS, part of LearnWeb at Harvard School of Education, is an electronic community for bringing teachers and researchers or designers together. Several skills, such as looking and reflecting, span different curriculum domains. One of the domains is new technology.

Springboard Schools(originally The Bay Area School Reform Collaborative) reports these lessons learned (a partial list): designate facilitator to manage school reform, share leadership, alter the principal from hierarchy to an inquiry mode, develop data for a shared culture of evidence, and learn from other schools.

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia, produced by the federally funded Center for Data Driven Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins, also distills promising practices and interventions-- a kind of one-stop shop.

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Over the past three decades primarily an English garden of reform models for whole schools has been developed, transplanted and modified. Among all of them is at least some evidence of student progress beyond normal expectations on objective measures.Take a look!

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