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NASA Resources

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is responsible for many hundreds of different programs and functions, from the International Space Station to building better airplanes -- and has almost as many web sites!

NASA For Kids can be a starting point for students into the many different activities of NASA.

For teachers, the NASA Education Programs site provides everything from a monthly education calendar to lesson plans. Check out Resource for Educators, which includes a mailing list for e-mail announcements of new educational materials produced by the NASA Education Division.

Each of the NASA centers offers different projects for schools. The following are just a few examples.

At the Space Educators' Handbook, fiction works are mingled with scientific information and images. It is appealing for students of diverse interests and capabilities.

StarChild is aimed at young children, while for older students, the Microgravity Science Division site describes a variety of space and microgravity experiments.

For a panoramic view of the globe at NIGHT as seen by satellites 500 miles about the earth click on the link below and then click on "archive". Compare the outline of the Trans-Siberian rail route with the utter darkness of the Australian outback..

NASA is celebrating its 50th birthday, including its own history, virtual pavillons, astronauts and a guide to robot technology.

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Resource for Educators

click on "for Educators" and select your grade level

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Microgravity Science Division

(select the Education/Outreach option)

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NASA offers an astounding range and depth of material. With so many different sites and programs, NASA web sites are constantly being created, moved (given new URL's), and sometimes retired.

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