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Environment and Heredity: Case Study Birds

EvolveIT is a simulation about bird beaks (really) which illustrates the interplay between heredity and environment. It is nicely illustrated and in contrast to bitter debates about other species, such as human beings, offers a neutral framework.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have studied why birds can migrate hundreds of miles with no sleep to see if that would shed light on human behavior.

For the best primary source on this subject take a look at the Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin.

At Indiana University extensive studies have been conducted to understand how parrots talk--always a mystery.

At Wind Cave National Park a 40 hour unit studies woodpecker life and fire ecology and Lakota mythology. Students also learn about forest structure (sponsored by NSF).

The Puffin Colony illustrates a revitalization of endangered environments.

Celebrate Darwin's birthday by adapting resources at Darwin Day. The site emphasizes verifiable scientific knowledge.

ArcGIS is free with templates for mapping bird habitats.

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The nature-nurture debate and other issues, revolving about heredity, has and will continue to occupy a stage for many years. Young folks are typically quite intrigued by this topic, and it is misleading in a study of the environment not to walk around this issue, at least.

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