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Building Keyboard Skills

It's never too early to start working on kid's keyboarding skills -- something they will be using for their entire life.

Kids React To Typewriters

What happens when you show kids 6 to 13 a typewriter. No, it's not a computer that prints while you type.

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BBC - Dance Mat Typing

Here is a fun site for younger children from the BBC. Takes them from the home row thru more advanced skills. Includes worksheets you can print out (make sure you click the "Print Version" button).

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Keyboarding Games for Kids

20 different free on-line computer games to help your students improve their typing skills. Everything form a "simple" cup staking game to a typing speed test.

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PowerTyping - online free typing tutor

Another free on-line site, this one geared towards typing practice as well as games.

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