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WebQuests And Scavenger Hunts

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This article from Britan shows how webquests can help students learn. The article covers...

  • Defining a webquest
  • Reasons for using webquests
  • Structure of a webquest
  • Producing a webquest
  • Implementing a webquest
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Internet Scavenger Hunt!!!

All you internet surfers be prepared to show your search skills? The Internet Scavenger Hunt is one of the oldest but still one of the best.

Create your own list of 5-10 items and see how your students can do.

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WebQuest at EdWeb at S.D.S.U.

EdWeb at San Diego State University has updated its WebQuest site to include tutorials for teachers and students. Probably the best starter. WebQuest Introduction is another great resource.

WebQuest 101

A set of videos describing webquests and how to make them.

YouTube URL
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Using WebQuests to Teach Content: Comparing Instructional Strategies

This journal article compares the use of WebQuests with traditional instruction.

While the results were mixed, with WebQuest, the students seemed to have more ownership and sense of accountability.

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Matrix of WebQuests

This matrix of webquests was created by "Future Educators" in the 5th year MAT program at Pacific University. Quests are broken out by subject and grade level.

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WebQuest Introduction

Here are additional resources for implementing Webquests in your classroom.

Before hurtling fully into a treasure hunt learn to use some of the search tools. Many university students rely on the Web for research projects so it is important that younger students begin to acquire this 21st century skill.

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