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The National Geographic Society

The best way to take advantage of the publications and telecommunications projects offered by the National Geographic Society is to peruse the various catalogs and contact your local field representative for a demonstration. The images in the CD's (eg. the 3D atlas), the capability for interactivity in Planetary Manager, the lesson plans in Geoguide and the units integrating hands-on experiments and telecollaboration in the KidsNetwork are so comprehensive that only a demo can do justice to all the resources of the NGS. Recently, materials for helping Spanish-speaking students transition to English were made available--just another instance in which the NGS has adapted to current school needs and capabilities without sacrificing its decades-long reputation for high quality. The NGS opened its Web site in June. The traffic, alas, is so heavy that this author could not get connected even in the wee early morning hours. The web site is interactive in that students can submit articles to an online magazine. Hopefully, this opportunity will be improved, because it will be too good to be missed.Real Audio has been integrated into various resources. Adding/features/97/andes illustrates exploration of the ancient civilizations in the Andes, including a "virtual autopsy" of the preserved remains of a young girl.Some of the society's publications are online and, of course, the most uptodate maps can be viewed.

In 2003 National Geographic kicked off its million kids campaign to instill environmental awareness in the new generation. The campaign identifies a half dozen of the most fragile ecosystems with knowledge and student action plans.

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Invite your parent-teacher group members to this demo and they will gladly work hard to secure funds for the reasonably priced software.

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National Geographic Kids

Hundreds of pages of information and activities await your students. A great place to generate ideas for research projects.

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