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Cybertown was a virtual construction (no longer on-line) of a community blending traditional spaces and avante garde cyber facilities. The graphics and conception of this site were so stunning that it has received several awards. Cybertown illustrated the compatibility of familiar and futuristic communities and, thereby, functions as a model for designing new towns.

Second Life, similar to Cybertown, but the areas of the world are more complex and the avatars more developed. Ownership is also more costly, but a resident is very autonomous. It is possible to purchase a piece of this world such as an island. The rendering of the avatars is very close to the edge of animation. Two million people live another life on this site. On Second Life are some historical places such Land of Lincoln, Capitol Hill, Babylon.

ISTE Island on Second Life broadcasts episodes on a tv station which features technology innovations.

Tom Snyder offers software for a Neighborhood Design package.

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This model construction will stimulate students' imagination and creativity, especially for budding architects. Inquiry skills can be honed and a wholistic perspective of urban environments encourages a larger vision than a focus on micro-environments.

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