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International Data Sources Sampler

The Internet offers the ability to locate data and research topics using resources from around the world.

The population index at Princeton focuses on demographics of all sorts.

Environmental Education in Russia focuses on very cold regions such as Siberia and the Arctic.

The U.S. Geological Survey includes information for areas outside the U.S. as well as extensive U.S. data bases. Check out their Africa Data Dissemination Service.

The Global Gazetteer is a file of over 2,500,000 place names throughout the world enriched with additional geographic and demographic data. is a clearinghouse of environmental news and ecotourism information for the Americas, with more than 8,000 pages of short articles and in-depth scholarly reports.

A grand source book for Chinese civilization, especially using ancient tombs' artifacts, has been placed online. These resources are remarkable for their uniqueness rather than technological interactivity. They reside only in the virtual world. For an in-depth study of one Southeast Asian country look at Vietnam: Yesterday and Today. Good background for a study of that war.

A new simulation, Athropolis, contrasts the possible life of Arctic residents who are active only when the sun is shining and who live almost solely during the dark winters.

Look at Teens and War for the impact of these events.

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International data access and exchange, according to experienced networkers, work best if, after a brief introduction period, a research project is well-defined. As students move through school and workplaces, more and more of their networking will occur around the globe. Now is a good time to introduce both the necessary skills and widened horizons.

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