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Making Contact

AdventureOnline aims at K-6 students, showing them the world thru the different expeditions. In Project Central America, teachers cycled 1900 miles and prepared lessons with maps, etc. and Spanish language lessons.

Scholastic's Global Trek is a way for students to travel around the world without ever having to leave their classroom. When students arrive in the country of their choice they are supplied with a suggested travel itinerary including background information and a chance to meet the people of the country they visit.

Kids' Space is aimed at very young children. It is a cooperative, non-profit project primarily between schools in Japan and the US. Kids can submit their own creations in art and writing, correspond with penpals and leave messages to exchange project ideas.

The IECC specializes in matching pen pals from different nations.

The World Factbook provides basic information on things like population, income, power production and life expectancy, with maps and national flags -- for every country in the world.

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It's much easier to care about something or someone you know. Contacting students and getting to know other regions of the world is a good first step.

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