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Students Prepare for Publishing in 'Zines and Newspapers

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The Planet site simulates a young author's workshop from the idea stage thru editing and revision. Of particular value is the list of online 'zines and other forms of publications to which students can contribute online.

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Teachers and Writers Collaborative

The Teachers and Writers Collaborative predates the era of Web publishing. Based in NYC, it sponsors in-residence workshops. While not necessarily pertinent to the virtual world, the Collaborative has recently prepared materials for teaching writing to both special education and bilingual students. Since such resources are scarce, this link can help you reach these students.

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Digital Storytelling

The Center for Digital Storytelling provides step-by-step tools for publishing a unique work.


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For showing flowcharts, graphs and other visual representations use Gliffy. They have both free and paid versions.

As this technology grows more widespread, additional opportunities for students to publish their work will emerge. You might even want to start a 'zine or newspaper within your school.

Millions of students have learned word and document preparation but the Web offers the opportunity to showcase their work within a serious writing community and go beyond the 80s technology into the 21st century.

Bookshops with good computer stocks offer many resources for learning Web publishing skills. These sites, though, are intended for young students rather than an adult audience.

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