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Simple Projects

The easiest way to get students engaged is to have them build something.

A simple vibrating motor "robot" can become a physics lesson and math lesson and art project and writing project (e.g., write a story titled The Land of The Lost Robots).

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Science4Fun Experiments

Abdul Wahab Malik from Pakistan has assembled a number of easy to perform science experiments.

One of our favorites is boiling water in a paper bag. (Our webmaster used to do it using foam coffee cups as a kid.)

Make A Solar Powered Hot Air Balloon

Learn how you can make a solar powered hot air balloon with just tape and black plastic trash bags. An interesting project for a sunny day.

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PicoBoard, brought to you by the imaginationists at MIT, are designed for creating art with colored lights, sound, music, and motion. Perfect for younger students.

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Cornstarch Monsters

You can make Cornstarch Monsters, otherwise known as Oobleck, using corn starch and speaker. This post shows you how to do it and includes a video demonstration.

Load a tone generator app onto your phone, plug in the speaker and experiment with different tones and waveforms.

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Bill Nye - Home Demos

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, has assembled 40+ simple & fun experiments you can do at home or in the classroom. Create everything from a simple stethoscope or barometer to showing how water sculpts rocks or the Doppler Effect.

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