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Simple Projects

The easiest way to get students engaged is to have them build something.

A simple vibrating motor "robot" can become a physics lesson and math lesson and art project and writing project (write a story titled The Land of The Lost Robots).

DIY Soft Robotic Tentacle

Learn how to make your own soft robotic tentacle using silicone rubber and some ball point pens!

This project is an easy and affordable way to demonstrate soft robots. The molds only take a few minutes to make and do not require any careful measurements. A single trial size unit of Ecoflex 00-50 (approx. $30) contains enough rubber to make over 40 tentacles. This makes it an ideal project to introduce students to the the field of soft robotics.

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Miniature Robots

John Park builds some lively and inexpensive miniature robots. Starting with a simple vibrabot made from a scrub brush, John assembles a solar junkbot and a slightly more complex beetlebot, which has paper clip feelers attached to switches that allow it to respond to its environment. All it takes are a few common electronic components and some everyday objects and you can make an entertaining robot all your own.

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Make A Solar Powered Hot Air Balloon

Learn how you can make a solar powered hot air balloon with just tape and black plastic trash bags. An interesting project for a sunny day.

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PicoBoard, brought to you by the imaginationists at MIT, are designed for creating art with colored lights, sound, music, and motion. Perfect for younger students.

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