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Fiction and Biography for Grades 4-8

Throughout Jack London's relatively short lifetime he wrestled with the environment in extreme climates.

Mark Twain wrestled with cultural environments in the US and abroad. The site of his biography includes historical links, too. And refer to the Twain Quotes site for all the apt remarks you can imagine.

Biographies of Nobel laureates have been collected at almaz.

Which Nobel prize would have been awarded to Ben Franklin? Visit the Franklin Institute to view the possibilities. has captured games for students in the categories in which the Nobel Prize is awarded in honor of a milestone in its history.

Explore the development of the inventions of Thomas A. Edison. Did you know he registered more than 1000 patents?

Would Abe Lincoln have been awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace? Review thousands of documents about President Lincoln which have been digitized by the American Memory project at the Library of Congress. For an intriguing mystery about the coat which Mary Todd Lincoln wore on the evening he was assasinated check out Chicago History.

The Lemelson Center at the Smithsonian contains new archives on a host of inventors and innovators. Expand your repertoire of biographies for your students.

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Jack London's stories, while perhaps a little dated now, still inspire young students towards the world of adventure. After a while straight environmental studies can seem too objective. Jack London's stories of the wild will provide the human and even animal subjective struggle and thereby an integrated or multi-disciplinary context.

The cast of Nobel prize winners stands in contrast to Jack London but no less inspirational.

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