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Integrating Math and the Arts

Song from Pi!

Musician David Macdonald created a melody to help him remember the numbers in pi, "since it's easier than recalling a long string of numbers". By assigning each number to a musical note, he's able to remember his catchy tune without much effort.

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12+ Math Art Projects for Kids to Try

Math art projects are a great way to combine right and left brain learning. Combining the two will help engage all your students. Projects include fish tessellation, symmetry art aliens, and circles & relative size.

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Math with Art

TeachKidsArt has some easy projects to show that math can be beautiful, and fun.

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MIND Research Institute

The MIND Research Institute has developed a non-language-based program to teach math concepts.

Originally developed for special needs students, this project shows that there are many ways to communicate and sometimes the best way is thru images and art, not words.

What math+art projects can your students come up with? Maybe something with triangles or curves or ratios. What connections can they make?

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