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Around The World With Webcams

With the proliferation of web video cameras (or webcams), you can visit just about any city or place on earth in real time.

Rather than just talking about it, you can visit it.

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EarthCam allows you to type in just about any location on earth and display a list webcams in that area.

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image of Webcams is normally used to check the winds around the world. But, if you click the camera icon in the lower right Layers section, it will bring up webcams from around the world.

Many cams are just looking at a road or parking lot. But there's one in San Francisco that's usually looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. One on Olympic Park in Washington state with a view out over the ocean. And a couple near Kai, Japan looking at Mt. Fuji.

The advantage of this site is that the webcams images are archived! You can view the last 24 hours, 30 days or 12 months of images. You can watch snow appear and disappear with the seasons, people coming and going, the sun moving across the sky, or buildings appear (if you're lucky enough to find the right web cam). Totally free to use.

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Seattle Space Needle Webcam

Some web cams, like Seattle's Space Needle, allow you to move the camera.

On this cam, just click on the image and drag it around. You can also change the time of day for this webcam.

2010 - 2011 Lassen Timelapse

Webcams images can be used to create time lapse videos. In this example, a years worth of images from the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center webcam at Lassen National Park in northern California were assembled into time lapse video, showing how the landscape changes day-to-day and pausing at significant events.

Use images from a nearby web cam and have your students create their own time lapse videos.

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Air Now - Web Cams

AirNow, a government site tracking air quality, maps webcams around the U.S. looking off towards mountains or other landmarks. The Denver, Colorado webcam is a great view of both skyscrapers and distant mountains.

Many cams listed here have "last 24 hours" and calendar links, allowing you to track the weather or activity thru the day or thru the year.

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U.S. National Park WebCams

John Uhler has assembled a list of all known U.S. National Park, National Monument, National Recreational Area, and National Seashore webcams available on the Internet. He also includes selected wildlife webcams, including bird nests, bears & penguins.

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Sierra Cam Network

The Sierra Nevada mountain range in California has webcams in remote locations throughout the mountains offering beautiful views all year long.

Many of the cams indexed here archive images from throughout the day, making it a good starting place for time lapse video projects.

You cannot get much more uptodate than watching through the eyeballs of livecams.

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