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Introduction to Electronic Field Trips

Here is a quick sampler of the wide range of electronic field trips available from your web browser.

Click the Field Trips link below to get started.

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Windows Into Wonderland

The Yellowstone Park Foundation has created this excellent group of electronic field trips to Yellowstone Park.

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Assessment of Electronic Field Trips

EDC has put up its assessment of the Passport to Knowledge on the CCT Web site. It allows potential participants to cross-check their particular objectives for science and technology with national standards and examples of state frameworks--definitely a good step.

Sometimes, teachers get so caught up in the thrill of new worlds that they neglect to consider learning outcomes.

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Learn how the native peoples in Australia used the stars and animal tracks to navigate around their huge continent.

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Blue Zones Expeditions

Global School Net's Blue Zones Expeditions showcases several virtual treks during the school year.

Why the life expectancy on Okinawa is 86 while in Ghana it is 56 or so?

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