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Creation of Virtual Museums

Tips for creating virtual museums are just emerging from teacher and student experiences. These sites offer demos which can be supplemented by tours to the established museums.

SCORE tracks over 5,000 websites aligned to California's History/Social Science Curriculum.

This use of telecommunications can integrate grades and subjects vertically. The Chicago Museum exhibit of artifacts illustrates a collection of regional objects from homes, factories, etc.; such an exhibit would be easy to replicate online in your own environment and contribute to the knowledge community. Students, of course, will enjoy viewing their own projects online.

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Adults are familiar with the sometimes hodgepodge of exhibits at general museums. We suggest that you select a topic or two which can be explored in depth or over time. It would be interesting for students of different ages to view exhibits on the same topic. In fact, this kind of project is especially amenable to cross-age mentoring.

Exhibits, of course, can be simple or complex. Telecommunications allows virtual museums to be created easily with quarterly changes in exhibit collections. You may need to examine other software for incorporating short movie clips or documents. Remember to abide by copyright laws. And you might want to include your own project in an exhibit alongside your students'.

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