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Directory of Science and Technology Centers Around the World

The Association of Science and Technology Centers offers links to about 350 science and technology centers with exhibits for students around the world. It includes information about education programs, outreach and associated opportunities for camps and theater. A map is provided for navigation and advance planning. The site includes guidelines for maximizing educational opportunities when visiting a museum and a good bibliography of background books. Some information might be worth circulating among your student families.

Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide specializes in interactive science museums from five continents.

Try Science, sponsored by IBM and the New York Hall of Science, also promotes visits to these centers. While this portal does not illustrate very many activities, most are imaginative, such as transforming an apple into a mummy or counting the amount of guts in a perch. The site has now been translated into several different languages to be responsive to its members around the world. It can also be used for home-schooling, because there are guides for teachers and parents as well as students.

For a virtual 'zine about museums all over the world try GlobalMuseum.

CILS (Center for Informal Learning and Schools) will be headquartered at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Its goal is to understand how children learn in informal settings like museums and to extend such understandings to schools. the Exploratorium will coordinate a 120-hour certification program for 140 museum educators. The University of California at Santa Cruz will train both masters and doctoral students in informal science education.

Museum Stuff includes links to sites across the U.S. and allows downloading of resource lessons.

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If you haven't found a museum elsewhere with exhibits for your classroom, these directories--another innovation as a result of telecommunications--may aid you. Not all of the centers are online, however. The organization's address is 1025 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005.

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