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Art and Nature

Art & nature have always gone together.

Use these sites to stimulate new ideas.

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Nature Inspires Art

From Claude Monet to Mark Twain, nature has inspired great works of art throughout the ages.

Follow the link on this page for a slideshow from the Nature Conservancy looking at great works of art from prehistoric man to the present, all inspired by nature.

Why Nature and Art?

Marghanita Hughes perspective on how nature and art can foster a deep love for the natural world.

Nature art can be infused beautifully into all other subjects in the curriculum. Marghanita believes there is a no more formative age for instilling a deep love of the natural world than childhood.

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Nature Art For Kids

"Art takes nature as its model." – Aristotle

Jean Van't Hul has assembled lots (and lots!) of interesting nature art activities for kids. Everything from drawing leaves to art with rocks.

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The ArtsEdge Project includes exhibits in paleontology and Native American culture (in addition to Brahms and dance, etc.).

The Incredible Weather of Arizona

Bryan Snider created this documentary film and photo essay highlighting the fascinating weather of the 2014 Arizona Monsoon season. Thru time lapses, video and photographs, Bryan talks about the incredible beauty of Arizona and Arizona weather. He also has a blog entry with additional details on this video.

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Tree of Knowledge - Museums

Virtual Museums, a part of the Tree of Knowledge web site, provides a comprehensive directory of on-line art galleries and museums from around the world.

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National Park Service

The National Park Service's Web site offers extensive historical information, photos, multimedia and more for hundreds of national monuments, parks, preserves, memorials, trails and scenic areas. Check out their "Find A Park" and "Kids & Teachers" areas.

Your students could incorporate some online treasures into their online notebooks.

This activity could serve as an opportunity to learn about copyright laws for online materials, another research skill for the 21st Century.

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