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STEM Projects

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100 STEAM Projects For Teachers

Instructables has created a collection of 100 STEAM Projects created for teachers and educators to do with youth.

Each project encourages exploration, modification, and students to pursue their own ideas and curiosities. They are meant to be accessible, both in approach and availability and cost of materials. You're encouraged to adapt them to your local learning space.

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Science for everyone (not just for geeks)

STEM demonstrations do not have to be elaborate or expensive. believes that science education is important, and pursuing it should be fun. They host a library of bite-sized science demonstrations, experiments, activities and lessons designed to help teach a variety of science topics and inspire your student's inner geek. The materials are freely available for use in the classroom.

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Purple Plow Challenge

Purple Plow Challenge, from the American Farm Bureau, encourages students to research scenarios related to food, hunger and sustainability and build their own prototypes to solve the defined problem.

Resources are provided for facilitators, students and volunteers, aligned to national learning standards and reviewed by industry experts.

While aimed at grades 6,7 and 8, the ideas presented here would also be of interest to high school students.

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This is what happens when you take a comic book artist, an inventor, and a toy designer.

Howtoons provides engaging content that teaches kids how to build things, combining all materials and instructions with storytelling. Aimed at ages 7-12.

But There's More!

Check out Hands On Learning to see more STEM project ideas.

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