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English Language Development Software

Transitioning to English is very important in today's schools, and sometimes youngsters new to the US will feel less judged when a computer is used as a learning aide.

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Words Around Me

Words Around Me includes a step-by-step method for acquiring common vocabulary words in both English and Spanish. Students practice language concepts such as plurals and comparisons. The format is game-like.

This software also includes an extensive classroom management system for charting the progress of individual students. A teacher alert flashes when a student needs help. Flash cards can be generated and other language activities are included. This package is versatile so its appeal to a wide range of ages is handy.

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Fast Translation for the Firefox web browser

Easy-to-use translation tool that works with Google Translate. Select text in your web browser and right click to translate. Can be used to translate foreign text into English or the student's native language.

Similar products abound in the educational marketplace.

Words Around Me falls towards the expensive pole, but has been highly recommended. The record system should cut down on the paperwork and, especially with migrant youngsters, an online folder can be transmitted instantly to the youngster's new school.

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