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School Administration Support

The National School Boards Association, devoted to excellence and equity in public education thru school board leadership, provides a number of resources for administrators, teachers, and anyone interested in K12 education.

Some of NSBA's relevant publications have been rolled into a Toolkit for policy-makers. They include Leadership and Technology: What School Board Members Need to Know, Plans and Policies for Technology in Education: A Compendium, Telecommunications and Education: Surfing and the Art of Change, and Multimedia and Learning: A School Leader's Guide. Very worthwhile!

American School Board Journal is an editorially independent education magazine published on-line monthly by the National School Boards Association. Founded in 1891, American School Board Journal chronicles change, interprets issues, and offers readers practical advice on a broad range of topics pertinent to school governance and management, policy making, student achievement, and the art of school leadership. In addition, regular departments cover education news, school law, research, and new books.

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The NSBA activities could be a real asset towards preparing policy-makers.

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