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The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the premiere professional organization for math teachers.Its Web site highlights online tools for math teaching and sponsors contests. The more traditional fare includes a government relations report, catelog of its publications, job offerings and the ALL-IMPORTANT release of the new national standards.*The NCTM has initiated an annual event with problem-solving activities to illustrate the beauty and utility of math in everyday life. Held in April, announcement information is posted in February.


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The selection and implementation of national standards in mathematics are on many folks' front burner. Controversy swirls around various poles of thought of what they should be. Standards go hand-in-hand with teaching methods in math education more than in most other subject specialties.The thing is that various methods work for various purposes with different students and no one can untangle all the variables to arrive at a consensus. The only sensible solution for teachers is to strike a balance, because it is easier for young folks to learn math than older folks. That we do know.

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