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Computer Using Educators

CUE (Computer Using Educators at 814) and ISTE- NECC (National Educational Computer Conference) sponsor the most comprehensive conferences. A large number of workshops, seminars, presentations, and exhibit area attract more than 5000 teachers and computer specialists. The CUE conference is held in the fall in Northern California and at a southern site in California or the southwest in the spring. ISTE's annual conference and exposition (formerly the National Educational Computing Conference, NECC) is usually held in June at rotating sites around the US. Virtually all the leaders and key project representatives in the networking community attend. The exhibitor area is occupied by several hundred vendors.These organizations also provide scholarships for students who submit projects for a contest beginning around March 1st. Take your student leaders to this conference with you.

Although the yearly conference on Supercomputing schedules an educational track, participants just reminded us of a new twist in the telecommunications community: a single presenter by exploiting the Web's hyperlinks no longer needs to prepare all the demo material individually but can use other sites for illustrations.

EDUCAUSE (formerly EDUCOM) also sponsors a humongous conference of which only a small portion would be useful to K-12 educators. Computer specialists might prefer this opportunity.

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Educators who are serious about an adventure in telecommunications should attend one of these conferences.

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