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Integrated Studies: Math (sampler)

The Drexel Math Forum supports a discussion group (newsgroup) and a searchable collection of resources, continues to improve its sketchpad tool for geometric models, posts a Problem of the Week, weekly electronic newsletter with integrated lessons like math and poetry and software reviews, and leads summer workshops. The staff has issued a call for experts to participate in their "ASK DR. MATH" project. This a wonderful opportunity for you to become an online expert!

Bank Street in conjunction with EDC conducts online seminars in math education at the Center for Children & Technology.

The Montana project is relatively new. Throughout this state, though, some innovative work on many fronts has been initiated.

The Comprehensive School Math program, developed at MCREL, not only meets the newly issued NCTM standards but also includes several approaches, such as extended stories, which could be a bridge towards telecommunications (one of MCREL's major missions).

An online workshop for enhancing student inquiry in math and science was sponsored by the INTEC project at the Concord Organization.

MathVids is designed for teacher training in topics such as algebra for which some middle school teachers have received no training.

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Mathfs in Montana

(an e-mail address for more information)

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Telecommunications works best when school teams participate. Think of the new capabilities in your school if one member specialized in math, while others contributed expertise in science and social studies, refreshed by cutting edge workshops.

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