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U.S. Department of Education Resources

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) hosts a wide variety of resources for K-12 teachers and administrators.

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U.S. Department of Education

The Department of Education main page showcases areas of current interest, including subjects like student loans, available grants, education law, and education-related data and research.

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Teachers Resource Page

There is a special Department of Education home page just for teachers.

Topics include...

  • What Works,
  • Recovery Act Resources,
  • Teaching Resources,
  • Lesson Plans,
  • Tools for Student Success, &
  • Strengthening Teaching
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The "Educational Research Information Center" (ERIC) started out in 1957 as a project to disseminate education research to researchers, government officials, and the public. The collection, originally housed on computer tapes and microfilm, was one of the first to be migrated to the Internet. It now consists of a searchable database of over 2,800 papers and articles, as well as an education thesaurus. No matter what the topic, you can find scholarly articles on it here.

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Downloadable Presentations

ED hosts a number of PowerPoint presentations that highlight various focus areas in education. These presentations include images, facts, charts, data and other information reflecting progress and challenges in improving education, and available U.S. Department of Education programs and initiatives.

Freely downloadable, you can incorporate these resources into your own presentations.

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Publications & Products

In addition to indexing scholarly articles (ERIC), ED also has a searchable index of freely available internal publications, with titles from Arts Education in Public Schools to Safeguarding Your Technology.

ED vs. DOE

The United States Department of Education's official abbreviation is "ED". You may also see it abbreviated informally as "DoED".

"DOE" refers to the Department of Energy.

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