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3D Printing Primer

In this section, we look at the art and science of 3D printing in the classroom.

3D printing is one of those areas where spending a little extra money or time can save a lot of grief. Come along as we explore the world of 3D Printing.

Resources for 3D Printing Primer ...

  • 3D Printing In The Classroom
  • 3D Printing Examples & Ideas
  • 3D Printing And The Arts
  • Printing 3D Topography Maps
  • Selecting A 3D Printer And Filament
  • Tuning your 3D Printer
  • Model Sources & 3D Modeling Software
  • Printing & 3D Slicer Software
  • Assembling A 3D Printer From Parts
  • Laser Cutter vs. 3D Printer

3D printers are no longer expensive

Our webmaster purchased an Ender 3 printer from Creality for about $225 on Amazon. The print quality is amazing and you can't beat the price.

High 3D printer costs are no longer a barrier.  learn more...

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