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Evaluation Resources

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Online Evaluation Resource Library

OERL, the Online Evaluation Resource Library was developed for professionals seeking to design, conduct, document, or review project evaluations. It collects and makes available evaluation plans, instruments, and reports for NSF projects that can be used as examples by Principal Investigators, project evaluators, and others as they design proposals and projects.

OERL includes professional development modules that can be used to better understand and utilize evaluations.

OERL's resources include instruments, plans, and reports from evaluations that have proven to be sound and representative of current evaluation practices, organized into project categories. Also included are alignment tables that contain criteria and a glossary to help you develop your own plans, reports, and instruments.

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Education World Assessment Resources

Education World, an online journal, publishes articles on Assessment for both teachers and school administrators. Topics include How and Why to Innovate With Formative Assessment in Your Classroom, Veteran Teacher Speaks Out Against Culture of Assessment, and Teachers Share 10 Lessons Learned from Assessment Field Tests.

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National Center For Educational Outcomes

NCEO offers resources for administrators, educators, parents, and others concerned with the educational outcomes of all students:

  • An extensive publications list that includes technical reports, state activity updates, policy documents, and self-study guides.
  • Criteria for evaluating existing policies on large-scale assessments.
  • Recommendations for developing assessment policies and guidelines for participation, accommodations, reporting, and accountability that include all students.
  • Current information on assessment projects and other efforts to collect data on the educational outcomes of all students.
  • A national network of people who can assist states and other agencies as they consider assessment issues.
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ERIC has amassed a huge collection of instruments, research papers and field studies in the area of assessment and evaluation.

It is not always easy to find exactly what you are seeking unless you can narrow the "title" down to a reference which is distinct. On the other hand, if you really need some resources, they will be here!

Assessment in Special Education is a very complex topic because each student's progress is reviewed individually. For legal reasons, assessment often requires a considerable paperwork burden and coordination among many staff and allied agency personnel.

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